Casino Games: Video Poker – Rules and Strategies

Question from 1 million euros. What is the online gaming more popular and used by most players? Easy, Video Poker, and it is the latter type of game that we want to talk today, proposing the rules, history and a bit of strategy.


Video poker is one of those games that can be done either in real life and in online.Born towards the 800 and is a mix between traditional Poker and slot machines. The first were found in a video poker machines similar to slot machines, the player inserted his bet, he pulled the lever that started a roller, and according to the cards that came out is won or lost.


With the advent of new technologies to around 70 years, born the first real video poker without a lever, but with buttons on the bottom of the screen, the extraction did not occur more through a roll but all in a computerized . Playing Video Poker is very simple, just learn the terminology and the scores and you’re good to go.


How to play

·         Place your bet in video poker

·         Press the start button called Deal or Draw

·         Received the cards must choose whether to change any or keep them all


·         Press Hold to Deal or verify a possible win

Anyone can play video poker, but the process is very simple, fast and intuitive. We report the following winning combinations:


·         Jacks or better

·         Two Pair

·         Tris

·         Poker

·         5 identical cards

·         Scale

·         Color

·         Straight Flush

·         Royal Flush


·         Wild Royal Flush

Casino Games Video Poker Rules and Strategies