My name is Carl G. Hagedorn. I have traveled to many places around the world. During my travels, I learned a lot about modern and fresh cuisine. I also learned many ways to add taste to healthy dishes. I want to share what I have learned throughout my life with others so that they can live healthily while still enjoying fantastic food.

You would likely be surprised by the many different ways that modern dishes can be prepared, as well as the nontraditional ingredients that can be incorporated into them. Believe me, when you are willing to step outside of the box, the options become limitless.

If you’re ready to take a journey through the amazing world of healthy and delicious food, I would gladly be your guide.

To get in contact with me, please email me atĀ chagedorn@inti-restaurant.com

You can also get some great inspiration for your next meal by visiting my Pinterest pageĀ pinterest.com/chagedorn7318/