Bingo strategies to win

Bingo Strategies to Win

As the Bingo a game of pure luck, there are no big strategy game but there are a few techniques that, if adopted, could increase the chances of winning:

Get more folders for each game can be a good technique, because the chances of having more than one number is greater among those released. It seems that 4 folders is the ideal number, but must be considered, however, the cost of each folder and prizes;


Choose folders possibly different between them may reduce the risk of not having many of the numbers drawn;

Select folders possibly similar to one another can increase your chances of winning because if you have drawn numbers spread across multiple folders is easier to get a good score. This course is a theory totally at odds with the previous year;


Participate in games with fewer players can increase their chances of winning as it is more difficult for an opponent get a best score of yours;

Participate in games with prizes up because if you win, it will be higher. This theory is a bit ‘in contrast to the former, as the games with prizes “tasty” are the most populated areas;



In the case of online games to apply the technique of ‘”auto-daub” or auto-complete folders. In this way, the player shall not make haste to check if the numbers drawn are on his folders, because the system will do it. This technique avoids to miss a number drawn, but the fun of the game drops.