Largest European Poker Tournament


Campione Italia is home to the largest European poker tournament

Every years Campione Italia Casino (Como) receives the best Italian and European poker players. The game room will host the Italian leg of the European Poker Tour (EPT), the maximum European tournament poker by number of players and amount of awards, organized annually by the PokerStars online poker room.



An event of considerable importance to the Italian game room in Switzerland: it is the first time that the event makes a stop in Italy. In addition to the town on Lake Lugano, the EPT will touch two other major European capitals like Madrid and Berlin.

Largest European Poker Tournament

During the tournament, hosted in the prestigious Ballroom Casino designed by architect Mario Botta, expects more than 1,000 players and more than 4,000 visitors. “A rewarding both in terms of the Casino – said today in Milan at the press conference introducing Carlo Pagan, managing director of gaming champions – both for the effect on the territory in terms of notoriety tourism and economic development”.


The registration fee for players is of 5,300 euros and includes a prize of 4 million euros. “No Italian has ever won the EPT, the tour’s most prestigious in the world – said Luca Pagano, CEO of Pagano Events, and professional poker player PokerStars – who knows that this is a good opportunity”.



Enthusiastic about the initiative the mayor of Campione Italia, Maria Paola Mangili Piccaluga: “The stage at EPT Champion of Italy is the concrete sign that the council has not remained unchanged to day management of its main business – said the mayor – but is working with its CEO, Charles Pagan, to revive the casino with a strong dynamism and innovation to meet the difficulties in the past two years have marked the houses to be ensnared by the Italian game competition from new gaming business and the ongoing global economic crisis”.